“About us as OsiRis Esports" OsiRis Esports is a dedicated Team/Org that is willing to put themselves out there as much as possible. Our Esports Org came to be after "SiRi" (Member of FeaR) decided to start up a N/A organization that would be able to compete and place well as a amateur Esports organization in the CoD community the quickly proving that they can hang with the best as they move up to a Semi Pro standings. During our first event as an overall team, the team placed 53rd at UMG D.C on the hopes of growing more they decided to pick up a more known roster with the adding of 2 (VexX Gaming) players and then later picking up the 2v2 winners from D.C to complete the roster to compete at (MLG World Finals) in New Orleans where the team picked up a T48 Placing. It was better but not the outcome expected by the potential they had. With the beginning of “Black Ops 3” SiRiUs had to make a quick decision and what better way to start off the Roster for the 2015-2016 session then to add @BradHobbsy from Primal Nation as the newest Captain for the team. With their Official Roster set for the upcoming season everything is falling into place. “THIS IS OSIRIS ESPORTS”